IWA Warwickshire Branch Cleans Up at Leamington Spa

Issue date: 15th February 2013
Twenty eight members and friends of IWA Warwickshire Branch took part in a clean up on the the Grand Union at Leamington Spa on Sunday 3rd February.
Using grappling hooks the unusual anglers trawled for their catch of bikes, road signs, tractor tyres, supermarket trolleys and many discarded domestic goods. At the final weigh-in there were approximately five truck loads of rubbish. CRT, which supplied equipment and supervision for the event, estimated that there was just under four tons of scrap metal collected, consisting of over 30 bicycles, twenty shopping trollies, road signs and other rubbish. 
Some branch members, crossed the water to the far bank where they had noticed large numbers of bottles and cans. Further along the canal a Christmas tree was spotted complete with baubles and stand. The tree was packed away as well as the empty bottles and cans from the seasonal celebrations. More than twenty bin bags of litter was collected. 
As well as canal clean ups, branch members participate in regular work parties organised by Canal & River Trust. Last year, IWA Warwickshire Branch also cleared the offside vegetation on part of the Hatton Lock flight. This year they will be controlling the vegetation on this stretch so boat crews can have the advantage of using both sides of the canal when using this lock flight.