IWA Welcomes Principle of Mooring Strategy for Lee and Stort

Issue date: 11 March 2011

IWA’s  chairman of navigation committee, met with BW to discuss the apparent lack of progress with local mooring strategies and to understand the issues. Progress with the Kennet and Avon trial has been very slow, with some stakeholders being reluctant to accept the need for their lifestyle to be affected by any regulation, even if this was in fact a more rigorous enforcement of the current rules regarding overstaying at visitor moorings.

BW is now in the process of trialling another approach on the Lee and Stort, IWA saw the draft proposals which are currently out for consultation, and Local Branch representatives have attended the public meetings. In summary, the proposals envisage dividing the Lee into 6 zones, which BW term ‘neighbourhoods’, along its entire length, between which boats are required to undertake a continuous journey staying no more than 14 days in any one neighbourhood at any one time, and not being allowed to return to the same zone within a fixed time limit. Extended stay charges will be applied to any boats exceeding the time limits in each zone.

IWA is supportive of the process of improving enforcement of the existing rules, although it has some matters of detail it wishes to further discuss relating to some of the conditions, and practicalities, it therefore generally welcomes the principle of the approach, which allows boats to remain on the Lee indefinitely, provided that they abide by the rules.  

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