Lapal Rally at Selly Oak

Issue date: 23rd April 2013

The Lapal Canal Trust, supported by the Community Partnership for Selly Oak (CP4SO), have organised a rally to campaign for the reinstatement of the Dudley No 2 Canal (known locally as the Lapal Canal).

Boaters are invited to gather along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal in Selly Oak on the weekend of 11th - 12th May.

IWA, along with The Lapal Canal Trust and local residents, is campaigning against private developers, 'Harvest' and Sainsbury's, whose plans which do not provide for a viable reconstruction of the eastern end of the Lapal Canal.

Find out more about the Lapal Canal Campaign

Provisional Arrangements

  • Saturday morning - Guided walks around the site in conjunction with the current plans and to look at the work being done on the edge of Selly Oak Park where some of that canal length has retained shallow water.  

    This will not involve trespassing across Battery Park on the Sainsbury’s land.

  • Saturday afternoon - Meeting in the Scout Hut - corner of Harborne Lane and Gibbins Road.

  • Saturday evening - Social gathering/event at a local hostelry tba

Please Note: Shopping available just down the road from Selly Oak at ALDI or TESCO.