IWA Milton Keynes Branch Clean Up On The Grand Union Canal

news_mkcleanup_2_150pxIssue date: 14th November 2011

The latest clean up organised by IWA Milton Keynes Branch, took place from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October.

A team of volunteers joined by 30 scouts worked through Milton Keynes, from Fenny Lock, to the Galleon, Wolverton.

The clean up operation primarily involved a boat towing a BW hopper from the stern which deployed heavy duty grappling hooks. This method cleared the centre fairway and removed approximately 80% of the recovered items.

Additionally, a BW flat was attached alongside a second boat and, the offside of the canal was cleared using long handled nets to remove floating items like bottles and cans.

Grappling hooks were also thrown from the towpath to recover other items.

There was also the support of a BW dredger which meant that several heavy objects, were able to be removed from the canal.

The hopper was well loaded by the time that it arrived at the destination at Galleon Wharf, Wolverton. The haul, as usual, included many supermarket trolleys and pedal bikes as well as two motorbikes and numerous wheels and tyres.

The event was generously sponsored by Wyvern Shipping Co of Linslade, Leighton Buzzard. Milton Keynes Branch has over a number of years secured sponsorship of our clean ups from Wyvern Shipping Co. Wyvern not only provide a cash payment to the branch but also contribute towards the cost of the diesel used by the two boats towing BW craft. They also manufactured the heavy duty grappling hooks and maintain and store all of the hooks used in the operations. Milton Keynes Branch has, on several occasions, provided hooks to their neighbouring branch at Northampton to assist their clean ups. It makes good sense to seek sponsorship from local businesses as a way of defraying the costs of the operation.

See information on organising your own clean-up event.