Minister to Account to The All-Party Parliamentary Waterways Group

Issue date: 2nd December 2011

The All Party Group has reconvened to hold a hearing with the Waterways Minister Richard Benyon MP on 8th December.

The primary purpose of the hearing is to provide the Minister with the opportunity to report to the All Party Group on the Government’s Response to the views it received on its New Era consultation about the future of the inland waterways, including the consideration that the Government gave to the Group’s Memorandum – The Future of the Waterways – that it submitted to Defra last July. This focussed on appropriate governance for the Canal & River Trust and the need for adequate financing.

All Party Group Members will no doubt want an update on progress with achieving good governance and appropriate financing for CRT and will want to be assured that everything is on track for a successful launch of the CRT in April next year in a manner that safeguards the future of the inland waterways in the short, medium and long term. The Group can also be expected to want to know what provision Government has planned so that any unexpected difficulties that the new charity may face in its early years – financial or otherwise – do not jeopardise a fully functioning network that delivers undisputed public benefits.