One last big fundraising push required for Inglesham Lock Appeal

Issue date: 16th january 2012

The Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal in Support of the Cotswolds and Wilts and Berks canals restoration schemes is progressing apace and IWA is looking for further donations to now help finalise the fundraising.

IWA and WRG have set an ambitious target to restore the lock by 2013. Three further WRG camps together with weekend digs are planned for this year.

Inglesham is strategically important as it is the eastern starting point for the Cotswolds restoration and provides additional focus for the Wilts and Berks canal restoration that spurs off it several miles west of the lock’s junction with the Thames.

The Cotswolds is one of only a few major funded projects that is currently making major progress, and IWA is keen to support this as one of the first of a series of appeals it wants to carry out in support of these schemes around the country.

IWA aims to provide a new landing stage, restore the lock chamber with the facility to deliver back pumping and clear the cut above the lock whilst also ensuring that the balance of the work can be completed to have the lock operational as quickly as possible .

Speaking about the restoration appeal, Inglesham Appeal Chairman and IWA National Treasurer Les Etheridge said.

‘We want to wrap up the fundraising this year if we possibly can, so that we can focus our attentions on completing the practical restoration works unhindered. This then puts us in a position to support schemes in other parts of the country.

I would urge all waterway supporters to help us finish the fundraising for this scheme as quickly as possible’.

Please send a cheque made out to IWA to IWA Inglesham Appeal, Island House, Moor Road, Chesham HP5 1WA or donate online

£73,838 has now been pledged towards the Inglesham lock Appeal but we are still a long way off the £125,000 target.

See photo gallery of restoration undertaken so far.