Planning for New Marinas

Issue date: 3rd September 2013

One of IWA's two planning consultants, Bob Dewey (BA(Hons), MBA, MRTPI) has issued some advice on planning for new marinas, to explain how the planning system operates and how local authority planners may react to objections.

There have been a few examples recently where waterway interests or groups have supported or opposed new marinas being constructed and have tried to use the planning system to do this.

The planning system operates so that the development plan is of paramount importance in decision making. Only in very exceptional cases will decisions be made which run contrary to policies in the Plans. So the first step should always be to get involved in the preparation or revision of the development plans so that policies are put in place which deal with such matters.

When an application is being decided, the planning officer probably knows very little about the operation of the canal system and thus if you are to persuade him to your point of view, you need think very carefully how you argue your case.

Read the full guidance on planning for new marinas