Pocklington Canal Balsam Bash

Issue date: 17th July 2013 

On Saturday 29th June a party of nine volunteers gathered at the CRT car park in Melbourne to take care of an outbreak of Himalayan Balsam. This was a joint effort by IWA East Yorkshire Branch and the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society (PCAS), supported by two of the local CRT team from Leeds.

Behind the moorings at Melbourne is an extensive area designated as a wildlife reserve and the Balsam was showing itself in a number of places, often mixed in among the nettles. A substantial amount was found and fortunately, the problem was tackled before the plants had flowered and set seed pods, which should reduce the chance of it spreading.

After taking welcome refreshments on board the PCAS trip boat New Horizons, the party moved to another site at Coates Bridge, further along the canal, where a small concentrated outbreak had been discovered near to the offside bridge abutment. This was a much less accessible area and warranted the wearing of lifejackets while working on the steep embankment close to the canal side.