Record Canal Clean-up at Milton Keynes


Issue date: 5 April 2011

Over 12 tons of rubbish was recovered from the 10 miles of the Grand Union Canal running through Milton Keynes over the weekend 1st -3rd April by the Milton Keynes Branch of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA MK Branch), working in partnership with British Waterways (BW) and the Wyvern Shipping Co Ltd (WSC).

This biggest haul ever from the twice yearly cleanups  organised by the IWA MK Branch included two telescopic sighted rifles, a blown safe, 22 shopping trolleys, 38 bicycles, a sunken metal dinghy, 9 mattresses, wheels, tyres, scaffold poles, TVs, fridges , a motor cycle and so on - you name it we found it in the canal by grappling from the back of the towed big collecting workboat and the bank. Then there were some 30 black sacks we filled from rubbish collected from the towpath and adjacent hedgerow between Fenny Stratford and Wolverton.

Some 50 people helped in the clean-up including an energetic band of Leighton Buzzard scouts and a number of new volunteers who responded to the earlier publicity appealing for help and supplemented the volunteer IWA members and their boats, plus BW’s manned special lifting boat for recovery of the some very heavy items including the safe..

Jeff Whyatt, BW Senior Manager, has sent a message of congratulations to all involved with the event and is always staggered by the quantity of discarded stuff recovered.