South East Visitor Mooring Consultation

Issue date: 18th February 2013

IWA welcomes the fact that local boaters will be given an opportunity to comment on proposed changes to visitor moorings in the south east region of Canal and River Trust waterways.

CRT are proposing changes to visitor mooring arrangements in specific locations in SE Region where problems have been identified because of high demand. IWA is aware of difficulties in some of these locations but not necessarily all. Conversely there are reports of problems in other SE locations not selected for consideration in this review. However the evidence is partly anecdotal and more information would be helpful.

IWA believes it is appropriate for CRT to review visitor mooring arrangements from time to time to ensure they have kept pace with the pattern of demand from the boating community. Some of the locations under review currently offer a range of mooring options from short term (24/48 hours) to longer term (14 days) and this is to be welcomed. Nevertheless, at locations which are proving very popular it could be appropriate to rebalance the range of options in favour of greater short term mooring at the expense (but not exclusively) of longer term moorings. The issue of permitted revisit times is potentially controversial and IWA would wish to be sure that the full implications are understood including enforceability.

Whatever changes are made, effective enforcement of whatever rules apply will be a key factor in the resolution of mooring difficulties.

IWA welcomes the fact that the opinions of boaters who use SE Region will be considered and IWA encourages all boaters to respond using their local knowledge and experience of the locations being considered.

Read the South East Visitor Mooring proposals and send your feedback using the special form by 1st March 2013.