Summer Volunteering with Waterway Recovery Group

Issue date: 16th April 2013

As the weather slowly warms up, IWA’s Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) is looking forward to its summer programme of working holidays called ‘Canal Camps’. Canal Camps are a unique week-long residential volunteering opportunities designed to restore the derelict canals of England and Wales to their former glory. 'Canal Camps', are a great experience for anyone who loves being outdoors and enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and of different ages (18+). WRG Camps also offer volunteers a fantastic chance to learn new skills such as bricklaying, stone walling, machine operation and restoration techniques! And best of all they only cost £56 per week (includes food & accommodation).  No previous skills or experience are required. 

WRG has 23 Canal Camps planned for 2013 giving volunteers the chance to get involved in various activities such as constructing a brand new lock on the Chesterfield Canal, or repairing damaged lock chamber brickwork on the Swansea Canal; to completing the restoring of Steppingstone Lane Bridge on the Wilts and Berks; or carrying out bank protection work on Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation.

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