Thames Tideway Tunnel Order

Issue date: 2nd May 2013

A public notice relating to the Construction Order for the proposed Thames Tideway [SEWER] Tunnel has been published.

Thames Water’s 50,000-page development consent application for the ‘Supersewer’, proposed to help tackle the tens of millions of tonnes of untreated sewage flowing into the tidal River Thames every year, was accepted for examination by the Inspectorate on 27th March 2013.

IWA welcomes Thames Water's commitment to solve the long standing concern about raw sewage being deposited in the Thames at times of heavy rain. IWA is encouraging its members to help ensure the maximum use of water freight on the River Thames for both 'spoil out' and 'linings in'. Spoil is the material drilled out by the tunnel boring machines. The Linings are the concrete sections that make up the walls of the tunnel. These are pre-cast elsewhere.

Users need to register with the Inspectorate as an ‘interested party’ before 28th May 2013. Registering as an interested party ensures involvement in the examination of the application. These parties will be able to present their views to the Examining Authority, a panel of up to five Inspectors appointed by the Inspectorate, and attend meetings or hearings. This includes the Preliminary Meeting, expected to be held this September, which is an opportunity to influence how the application should be examined.

Registration information


Poster of locations and dates for public meetings

A DVD of the application itself can be obtained by emailing

Further information can be found on the Thames Tideway website