Waterways for Everyone

Issue date: 1 February 2010

DEFRA  consultation on an updated strategy for the inland waterways – Waterways for Everyone may be viewed at www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/waterways/index.htm. Waterways for Everyone sets out the Government’s strategy for further enhancing the public benefits of inland waterways by widening the involvement of stakeholders and by supporting the management and development of the waterways.

IWA was involved during the pre- publication consultation and is currently consulting internally with IWA region representatives and trustees prior to making a more formal response. Of ongoing concern to IWA is the need to ensure that navigation authorities are not overburdened with unnecessary (ie non-navigational) additional responsibilities. Another issue is, of course, the ever present concern of ensuring adequate and sustainable funding. IWA is also interested in the scope for the Third Sector in the management of the waterways, regarding both the proper accommodation of volunteers and also for a form of National Waterways Conservancy and all that this could entail.