WRG Summer Canal Camps have begun!

news_wrg_basingstoke150pxIssue date: 27 June 2011

WRG working parties have started and there are currently teams carrying out work on the Basingstoke and Cotswold Canals.

On the Basingstoke Canal they are beginning work, building a lock landing stage which involves sheet piling and lots of digger and dumper work. The Basingstoke Canal is one of the few canals that WRG work on that is navigable. In the early 1970s restoration work began and although 32 miles of the canal have now been fully restored there is an ongoing need for maintenance and improvement works to sustain it.

There's also a team at Eisey Lock on the Cotswold Canals focussing on demolition and rebuilding of the lower gate recesses and walls. WRG is helping the Cotswold Canals Partnership restore two locks on the Thames and Severn Canal and Stroudwater Navigation (collectively known as the Cotswold Canals) which once linked the Thames, through the Cotswold Hills, to the Severn.

To see details of other WRG Canal camps happening this year please go to http://www.waterways.org.uk/wrg/canal_camps/canal_camp_dates