Closure Threat to Anglian Waterways

Waterways in the Anglian region are under threat of closure. Environment Agency is considering closing rivers to navigation on ‘health and safety’ grounds instead of securing proper resources from Defra for their maintenance. We will campaign vigorously to prevent the government agency ignoring its legal obligation to maintain navigation rights on much of its Anglian network.

Find out more about the background of the campaign and assets that have already closed.

Campaign Updates

1st March 2017 - EA Waterways Still Giving IWA Cause for Concern
17th February 2017 - IWA Keeps Up the Pressure on East Anglian Waterways Threat
26th January 2017 - Anglian Waterways Under Threat of Closure

Get Involved

Now is the time for boaters to make their voice heard and we need your help.  If you live near, or boat on, any of the EA Anglian waterways, please write to your local MP and the relevant local authority in order to make them aware of your concerns. 

Download letter templates
Letter to MPs with EA navigations
Letter to MPs without EA navigations
Letter to local authority contacts

Suggestions of who to write to can be obtained by emailing Alison Smedley, Campaigns Officer.   Please copy any letters to Alison so that IWA is aware of the level of support for the campaign.

Ongoing Campaigns

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