Download IWA Briefing Notes

All of the IWA Briefing Notes are available to download as PDFs below.

Environmental Guidance for boaters (118KB, 4 pages)
Navigating Canal Tunnels Safely
(367KB, 5 pages)
Structures or Craft impeding the Waterway
(95KB, A4, 2 pages)
Angling on Inland Waterways (212KB, A4, 4 pages)   
Boater's Facilities
(456KB, A4, 5 pages)
Cycling on Towpaths (398KB, A4, 2 pages)
Dredging (233KB, A4, 2 pages)
HS2 (341KB, A4, 2 pages)
Inclusion of EA Navigations in CRT (285KB, A4, 3 pages)
Long Term Moorings (155KB, A4, 2 pages)
Pinch Points (201KB, A4, 2 pages)
Red Diesel (229KB, A4, 2 pages)
Using Canoes and Small Unpowered Boats on the Inland Waterways (504KB, A4, 5 pages)
Vegetation Management (385KB, A4, 2 pages)
Visitor Moorings (219KB, A4, 3 pages)
Volunteers on the Waterways (262KB, A4, 3 pages)
Winding Holes (96.9KB, A4, 3 pages)
Mixed Use of Towpaths (244KB, A4, 2 pages)

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