Transfer of Environment Agency Waterways

Budget reductions over recent years mean that conditions on EA navigations have deteriorated and will only get worse after the recent round of cuts.

Find out about the current closure threat to Anglian Waterways.

IWA is campaigning for Environment Agency's 600 or so miles of inland navigations to be managed by Canal & River Trust, with an appropriate funding package. 

Benefits would include:

  • Secure funding (subject to an appropriate funding package from Goverment)
  • Improved maintenance through long term asset management plans
  • Third party funding opportunities
  • Economies of scale to be gained from being part of a larger navigation authority

Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency have now formed a joint working group, which will explore different options for the running of river navigations currently managed by the Environment Agency.

Alongside this, IWA is encouraging MPs of all parties to support the transfer through a letter writing campaign so that it remains Government policy.

Find out More

Find out more about the campaign in our briefing note.

See a list of issues on Environment Agency waterways reported by our network of local branches.

You can also take a look at campaign updates and some answers to frequently asked questions about the campaign.

Photo: River Welland - Fulney Lock by Kate Jewell

Waterways List

Download IWA's proposed list of EA Navigations for Transfer to Canal & River Trust (PDF 4.6MB)

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