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Uncovering the Value of our Waterways Heritage

We need your help to uncover the real picture of the historical gems of the country's canal network - not just canalside buildings and locks but also smaller things such as signage, canal furniture or the remnants of an industrial past.

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We would like to find out what has been saved, what has been lost and what is currently under threat.

We would like to find out what waterways heritage means to you. What are your feelings about waterways heritage? What is important? Is there a place on the waterways for modern additions to the waterways such as the Falkirk Wheel?


This activity is all part of a larger project to discover the true value of our waterways, both as a record of our past and a resource for the future. We are hoping to commission some research into the value of Waterways Heritage as well as uncovering the value of 'active' waterways.

As you are out and about on the network, whether on the water or along the towpaths, keep your eyes peeled for anything that you think is important from a Waterways Heritage perspective. If it means something to you, then we want to know about it.

Please fill in our Heritage Tracker survey. Alternatively, email the details to our Campaigns Officer, Amy Tillson: amy.tillson@waterways.org.uk

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