HS2 Campaign - Phase 2 Consultation

On 30th January 2014, IWA submitted its response to the HS2 high speed rail Phase 2 consultation.

HS2 Phase 2 comprises two further sections of track, beyond those in Phase 1 which proposed a route from London to Birmingham, with a link to the north of Birmingham rejoining the existing West Coast Main Line at Handsacre. This route also proposed two ‘spurs’ to allow future extensions from HS2 to Manchester and Leeds.

IWA posted an initial draft of the reply to the consultation regarding the proposed routes from the West Midlands to Manchester and to Leeds in mid-November.

The reply has been widely discussed with IWA’s own experts, members and with other organisations interested in the scheme including the Ashby, Barnsley Dearne & Dove and Chesterfield Canal Trusts, marina owners and operators, Peel Holdings, and Canal and River Trust.

It is hoped that the contributions from all the different parties have made a stronger, more aligned response which will get a better deal for the waterways.

The response can be downloaded from the IWA website.

HS2 Phase 2 Latest

On 17th July 2017 the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling introduced the Phase 2a High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill to the House of Commons seeking the powers to construct HS2 from the West Midlands to just south of Crewe and planned to open in 2027.  Read IWA's thoughts on the Bill

The Secretary of State also announced his decision on the outstanding sections of the Phase 2b route to Manchester and Leeds and confirmed a number of changes to the route.  (IWA previously responded to consultations on the route in 2016 and 2013.)  See IWA's thoughts on the positives and negatives of this latest decision and how the decision connects with our concerns stated in the 2016 consultation response.

HS2 Crewe - Fradley Safeguarding Consultation

In December 2014, IWA also submitted a response to the HS2 Crewe - Fradley Safeguarding Consultation.

Download IWA's HS2 Crewe - Fradley Safeguarding Consultation Response (PDF, 249KB).