HS2 Campaign & Communications Group Terms of Reference

IWA Policy on HS2

IWA recognises that the proposed High Speed railway infrastructure is a legitimate development for the UK government to justify and implement, similar in its way to the original network of canals we have benefited from economically in the past and continue to enjoy and support today.

As with any similar project of this scale it adversely impacts the existing environment, infrastructure and quality of life of many people on its route, both transiently during its construction and continuously as it goes into operation.

IWA believes the project needs to be planned and implemented in a transparent caring and sympathetic way, which will allow an objective citizen to conclude that on balance its contribution is positive. In addition wherever possible opportunities must be sought to enhance the locality and improve people’s environment and quality of life to mitigate the inevitable losses elsewhere.

IWA will therefore engage constructively with those planning and implementing the project to achieve this balance with particular reference to the waterways (whether currently used for commercial and leisure or still to be restored) affected by the project. IWA will use the expertise of its members and stakeholders in this engagement, and not hesitate to exploit all avenues to highlight incidences where the project is falling short on achieving this balance.
HS2 Campaign & Communications Group Terms of Reference

  • The group will be a ‘Task and Finish’ small virtual group reporting to trustees via the National Chairman.
  • The group will comprise a Chair appointed (and if necessary dismissed and replaced) by the National Chairman, and a selection of virtual members some directly proposed and some nominated by branches again confirmed by the National Chairman. Virtual members will be chosen based on their knowledge and interest in HS2 and its impact, and expertise in those areas useful in achieving IWA’s policy objectives for HS2. The Chair will be an ex- officio member of IWA’s other HS2 groups where deemed appropriate to ensure seamless liaison.
  • The group will in addition have access to experts not on the group, for specific pieces of work.
  • The group will liaise closely with IWA’s technical groups on HS2, and not duplicate technical work or standards or links on the technical issues to outside stakeholders. The group will be supported by IWA’s technical groups and provided with briefings and data by them to facilitate communication and replies to consultations.
  • The group will pull together input from individual members, branches, IWA national committees, and other waterways stakeholders such as canal societies, C&RT, and the Environment Agency. This to enable it to properly consider HS2’s proposals for existing & proposed navigable and restorable waterways both in detail and at an overall level.
  • The group will, on behalf of IWA, make representations to HS2 and provide a formal response to the announced consultation and any others yet to be confirmed. Formal responses will be prepared for signing off by the National Chairman. The group will also represent IWA to the media where appropriate on this issue, or provide the National Chairman with a brief to enable him to do so.
  • The group will communicate widely with members to ensure strong awareness of the work IWA is doing, and whether satisfactory progress is being made on getting agreement on mitigation measures. This will also enable members to support any response IWA has to make if progress is not adequate.
  • The group will also promote communication with other stakeholders, the general public and the media at appropriate times and by appropriate means, to raise awareness, inform them of the issues at stake, and progress being made.
  • IWA recognises the benefit of working closely together with others working with the same or similar aims and objectives, and the group will be expected to establish close links and working arrangements with such organisations to maximise overall impact and effectiveness, without unnecessary duplication.