HS2 Campaign Updates

29th June 2020 - IWA Responds to High Speed North Consultation

13th February 2020 - Protecting the waterways from HS2

19th September 2019 - Latest HS2 Consultation response

4th January 2019 - Noise Mitigation Advice Misrepresented by HS2

24th April 2018 - HS2 Agrees to IWA Proposal

7th March 2018 - IWA Petitions on HS2 Phase 2A Over Noise Levels

21st March 2017 - IWA responds to latest HS2 route consultation

13th December 2016 - IWA Preparing for HS2 Phase 2B Consultations

25th February 2016 - HS2 Committee backs calls to protect historic canals

3rd February 2016 - IWA Petition to Reduce Impact of HS2 on Waterways

8th January 2016 - An update on the HS2 Campaign

3rd November 2015 - High Speed 2 Phase 1- More Amendments and IWA Response to AP2

18th August 2015 IWA Draft Response to HS2 Consultation and Petition Submission

June 2015 - HS2 Fradley Junction update

7th January 2015 HS2 Phase 2 Fradley to Crewe - ‘Safeguarding’ Consultation

3rd November 2014 Sir David Higgins HS2 Report ‘Rebalancing Britain’

6th October 2014 HS2 Ltd Publishes List of Additional Provisions 

2nd October 2014 Government Adopts Joint IWA/CRT Proposal to Change HS2 Route 

19th September 2014 HS2 Select Committee visits Lichfield and Trent & Mersey Canals 

2nd June 2014 IWA Submits HS2 Bill Petition

17th March 2014 HS2 Plus - The Sir David Higgins Report on HS2

7th March 2014 HS2 - Progress Made to Protect Fradley Junction 

28th February 2014 IWA Submits HS2 Phase 1 Consultation Response 

31st January 2014 IWA Submits HS2 Phase 2 Consultation Response

16th January 2014 Individuals Urged to Respond to HS2 Consultation

16th December 2013 HS2 Update

15th November 2013 HS2 Campaign - Phase 2 Consultation

4th November 2013 HS2 - the Long Term View?

22nd October 2013 HS2 - Fradley Feasibility Study Hiccup

3rd September 2013 HS2 Coverage in the News 

16th August 2013 HS2- Further Work on Design Refinements Consultation 

5th August 2013 HS2- Another Consultation

18th June 2013 HS2 Rail Project

18th June 2013 IWA Consultation on HS2 Phase 1 Draft Environmental Statement 

4th June 2013 HS2 Consultations Announced

16th May 2013 HS2 Parliamentary Process Update 

16th April 2013 IWA Co-ordinates HS2 Campaign

3rd April 2013 HS2 Update 

5th February 2013 HS2 Route Canal Crossing Points

18th January 2012 HS2 Canal Bridge Plans Revised

26th July 2011 IWA Responds to HS2 Consultation

28th April 2011 IWA Concerns Over Impact of HS2 Rail Programme