Help us to #CutInvasives

Join us and take part in our #CutInvasives campaign, to help increase awareness, reporting and removal of invasives species that choke up our waterways.

How you can help

There are lots of easy ways you can support this campaign and help raise awareness:

  • 5 minute pull - spend just five minutes pulling up Himalayan Balsam.  No equipment is required, just pull it up and put it in a pile, stamp on it and send us a photo.  Check our Himalayan Balsam identification guide or see our infographic of Himalayan Balsam anatomy.
  • Look out for invasives - make sure you report them via the PlantTracker app and share a photo where you find them to help raise awareness.  We will also add them to our interactive map (see below).
  • Share our posts - we will be sharing posts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CutInvasives. Please keep an eye out and share what you see to help spread the word (not the species...).
  • Share what you see - take a selfie with your Himalayan Balsam or send us your snaps of giant hogweed by tagging your posts with #CutInvasives.  Make sure you geotag posts or let us know where the photo was taken so that we can add them to our interactive invasives map.
  • Check-Clean-Dry your equipment to limit the spread of invasive species.

Invasives Map

During the week, we will be adding your invasive finds to this map.  Check back for updates!

More Information

Reporting Invasives

You should record the presence of invasive species on a national database. You can record online at the Non-native Species Secretariat website. You should also alert the appropriate land owner, council and or management body to the presence and location of this plant.