Removal and Control of Floating Pennywort

Floating PennywortPhoto Credit: Chelmer Canal Trust - Fox and Raven Ditch, Chelmer Navigation

The plant is difficult to control as the smallest fragment can lead to the plant re-establishing.

Mechanical removal is best but the area should be netted off to prevent plant fragments from travelling downstream. Once the main bulk has been removed it is important to go over the area and remove all smaller fragments to prevent spread.

Chemicals can be used but only by those with suitable training.

Floating Pennywort should be reported via the Recording Native Species Counts scheme.

More Information

Plant Tracker

You should record the presence of Floating Pennywort on a national database. This is easily done via the PlantTracker app, a recording system created in partnership with the University of Bristol, Environment Agency and the Centre for Hydrology & Ecology.  Alternatively you can record online at the Non-native Species Secretariat website. You should also alert the appropriate land owner, council and or management body to the presence and location of this plant.