Identifying Giant Hogweed

Photo: Giant Hogweed (photo by RPS Group Plc)

Giant Hogweed can be seen from spring to autumn and favours damp and partially shaded environments. If spotted it should be avoided as its sap can cause severe burning and blistering of the skin.

Giant Hogweed Flower (Victoria Freke)Photo: Giant Hogweed flower (photo by Victoria Freke - Avon Invasive Weed Forum)

Plants can grow up to 5m tall, with umbrella shaped flower heads that are up to 80cm in diameter with white or occasionally pinkish flowers facing upwards. Leaves are, up to 3m long, sharply serrated and have bristles on the underside. Stems also have sharp bristles, are 5-10cm in diameter and green with purple blotches.

Giant Hogweed leaf RPS Group PlcPhoto: Giant Hogweed leaf (photo by RPS Group Plc)

More Information

Reporting Invasives

You should record the presence of invasive species on a national database. You can record online at the Non-native Species Secretariat website. You should also alert the appropriate land owner, council and or management body to the presence and location of this plant.