Invasive Species

Along the waterways, invasive plant species pose a threat as they can cause navigation and water control problems, a reduction in habitat availability and the quality of the water and in some cases are a threat to human health. Follow the links to find out more about:

Or read our blog on four invasive species often found on waterways.

About Non-native Species

Non-native species are plants and animals that do not naturally occur in an environment but have been introduced to that environment either accidentally or deliberately. Not all non-native species are detrimental to the environment they are introduced into. Those that do have a negative affect on the environment are known as invasive non-native species. These invasive species are a widely recognised problem because of the threat these different plants and animals can pose to the native environment, the economy and the public’s health.


Join us and take part in #CutInvasives campaign to help increase awareness, reporting and removal of invasives species that choke up our waterways. 

Reporting Invasives

You should record the presence of invasive species on a national database. This is easily done via the PlantTracker app.  Alternatively you can record online at the Non-native Species Secretariat website. You should also alert the appropriate land owner, council and or management body to the presence and location of this plant.

Ongoing Campaigns

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