IWA Campaigns

We are the charity that works to protect and restore the country's 6,500 miles of canals and rivers. We often undertake campaigns to work on specific issues that have or may in the future have a real impact on our inland waterways.

Funding for Enviroment Agency Waterways

IWA is campaigning for more funding to stop the decline of navigations currently managed by the Environment Agency. Find out more.

GapTracker - Facilities for Boaters

IWA is now gathering more evidence so that it can work with navigation authorities to encourage them to provide new or additional facilities in the right locations. Find out more.

Uncovering the Value of our Waterways Heritage

We need your help to uncover the real picture of the historical gems of the country's canal network - not just canalside buildings and locks but also smaller things such as signage, canal furniture or the remnants of an industrial past. Find out more

Bringing Waterways Back to Life

Hundreds of miles of the UK’s canals and river navigations have been saved from dereliction and many more miles are gradually being brought back to life. Find out more.

Campaigning for Better Moorings

There is an increasing number of craft appearing on the waterways but only a limited number of moorings. Find out more about mooring issues.

Stemming the Spread of Invasives

Invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed can crowd out native plants and take over whole areas of river and canals. Find out more.

Silver Propeller Challenge

This challenge aims to encourage our members and others to visit and use those places that aren’t reached as often as others. Find out more

Mitigating the Impact of HS2

IWA has been working to mitigate the effect of the HS2 high speed rail line on the waterways. Find out more.

Turning it Around

IWA is campaigning to make sure that boat turning points on the inland waterways are documented and maintained. Find out more.

Other ongoing IWA campaigns

Scottish Canals: Insufficient funding has led to closed bridges and structures on the Lowland Canals. Find out more.

Paddle Pawl Stops: For some time IWA has argued against Canal & River Trust's proposals for installing paddle pawl stops that would prevent the paddle pawl from being completely moved out of the way whilst a paddle is being wound down, because of the hazards this creates. Find out more.

Red Diesel: IWA continues to be concerned at the implications for boat owners and boatyard operators following the confirmation in September 2017 that the European Commission is taking the UK Government to court over current UK laws which allow leisure boaters to purchase red diesel. Find out more.

Cleanups and work parties: Supported by a small team of staff, IWA branch volunteers are organising more work parties and cleanups across the waterway network than ever before. Find out more.

Safe towpath cycling: IWA acknowledges the wider benefits of encouraging more of the population to cycle for recreational and transport purposes. Find out more.

Big regional/local campaigns: In addition to these big national campaigns, we also have some significant campaigns taking place more locally.  Find out about some of our other campaigns.