Residential Moorings

The ongoing issue of non-compliant mooring has to some extent brought a greater focus on the supply of approved residential moorings although it is now accepted that not all of these problems relate to residential use. Nor will the problems be solved purely through a greater supply of moorings; many boaters comply with the continuous cruising requirements and do not wish to take up a permanent mooring. This is supported by IWA although it is recognised that difficulties occur when significant numbers wish, for whatever reason, to stay in a narrow geographical area. Equally there is likely to be a number remaining who wish to stay in one location but are not prepared to pay for a mooring, sensible enforcement has to be the answer here. However, an adequate supply of varied and affordable residential moorings at least gives this opportunity to those who wish to take them up and Canal & River Trust recognises that it strengthens its enforcement powers.

Read IWA's full policy on residential moorings which includes information about action that IWA can take, background, licencing, benefits, planning and other issues related to residential moorings, as well as provision of new residential moorings