Scottish Canals

Insufficient funding has led to closed bridges and structures on the Lowland Canals. The Forth & Clyde and Union canals were restored as a Millennium project.  The Millennium Commission and European grants included conditions that the canals must be maintained to cruising standard for at least 25 years. The canals were reopened just 17 years ago.

We have been campaigning over the past few years for more funding and for navigations to be kept open and maintained.

31st October 2018 Scottish Parliament Asks for IWA's Views

26th October 2018 IWA Response to Scottish Parliament Petition

3rd July 2018 Position Statement on Scottish Canals

29th June 2018  Funding Announced for Bridges in Scotland

27th June 2018  Scottish Canals Under Threat of Closure

3rd April 2018  Another Bridge Closed by Scottish Canals

6th February 2018  IWA Raises Concern at Forth & Clyde closure

12th September 2017 Edinburgh Union Canal Towpath Study letter

23th March 2017 IWA warns Scottish Canals over declining boat numbers

31st October 2016 IWA Responds to Scottish Canals Pricing Consultation