10 Facts About the Waterways

  1. A record 13 million people now visit Canal & River Trust's waterways – and that is only half the waterways network.
  2. Over half the population lives within about 10 miles of a waterway. 
  3. The UK leisure and small commercial marine industry is worth over £3 billion to the nation; it directly employs about 34,300 people. 
  4. £1 of taxpayers money spent on the waterways gets A MINIMUM economic return of at least £6. It can be a lot higher where there is regeneration. 
  5. IWA's Waterway Recovery Group provides 5000 volunteering days each year.
  6. Canal & River Trust alone is the third largest owner of historic structures in the country; Canal & River Trust and Scottish Canals have five World Heritage Sites between them.
  7. Waterborne freight can reduce CO2 emissions BY AT LEAST 75% compared with road transport.
  8. Boating demand, despite the recession, has increased. Numbers on the main Government funded navigations have INCREASED by over 5% and are at record numbers.
  9. Over 90% of the population believe that canals are an important and valued national asset.
  10. The money that the three main publicly funded navigation authorities (Canal & River Trust, Scottish Canals and the Environment Agency) need from Government to run their waterways properly is less than the cost of building 4 miles of motorway and LESS THAN  0.02% of government spending.

Download Factsheet

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[Note: the download information sheet was produced prior to transfer of waterways to Canal & River Trust, and therefore has some out of date information.  It will be updated shortly].