IWA Manifesto for the Waterways

We asked our future Members of Parliament to pledge their support for the waterways in our Waterways Manifesto ahead of the 2017 General Election. 

We asked prospective MPs to;

  • Ensure that legislation takes account of the enormous economic, social and health values of our waterways,
  • Support the work of volunteers in restoring and regenerating our waterways,
  • Press the new Government for implementation of the transfer of EA’s navigable waters to Canal & River Trust
  • Support initiatives for affordable moorings and affordable boating
  • Support local waterway groups in their constituency and get actively involved with the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways

Read the full IWA Manifesto document (2.7MB).

IWA will be hosting a Parliamentary reception in June to discuss these waterway issues with newly elected MPs.

Please pledge your support

New Members of Parliament can pledge their support to our Waterways Manifesto by emailing alison.smedley@waterways.org.uk

You can help

It's as simple as sending an email.  Please help the waterways in your area by getting in touch with your local MP and ask them to sign up to the Manifesto.  If you receive a pledge directly please forward it on to alison.smedley@waterways.org.uk

See current list of pledges.


Download the full IWA Manifesto document (2.7MB).