IWA Manifesto for the Waterways

2016 Welsh Waterways Manifesto

For the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections, IWA is asking candidates to support the waterways of Wales. 

Find out more about IWA's Welsh Waterways Manifesto.

2015 General Election Manifesto

For the 2015 General Election, we asked election candidates to demonstrate support for the waterways if elected to the House of Commons by supporting our Five Point Partnership which includes the following:

  1. Protect our Heritage
  2. Build a Local Relationship with Constituency Waterways Groups
  3. Work with IWA in Parliament - Join the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways
  4. Support the Transfer of Navigations Currently Managed by Environment Agency to Canal & River Trust.
  5. Support Affordable New Off Line Moorings

289 candidates signed up to our Five Point Partnership.

For more information please read the full IWA Manifesto briefing document (2.2MB).

See list of candidates that have pledged their support and photo gallery of pledges.


Download the full IWA Manifesto briefing document (2.2MB).