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rssA Successful Himalayan Balsam Campaign for 2013
17th September 2013
August saw the end of a very productive Himalayan Balsam campaign season in 2013. IWA Branches from across the country worked hard to locate and remove the invasive plant in order to limit its spread and hopefully eradicate the plant from areas over time.

Volunteering on the Swansea Canal 17th September 2013
Selly Oak Development and Lapal Canal, Birmingham 17th September 2013
Cheshire Locks Work Party 17th September 2013
Oxford Work Party 17th September 2013
Final Himalayan Balsam Pull of 2013 17th September 2013

Chester to Host IWA National Campaign Festival in 2014 13th September 2013
Operation Starburst in Manchester 3rd September 2013
HS2 Coverage in the News 3rd September 2013
Planning for New Marinas 3rd September 2013
Annual General Meeting - 28th September 3rd September
IWA Chelmsford Branch Harp Concert Fundraiser 3rd September 2013
IWA Northampton Branch Task Party 3rd September 2013
Caldon Canal Milepost Painting 3rd September 2013
HS2- Further Work on Design Refinements Consultation 16th August 2013
Hosting a WRG Canal Camp in 2014 16th August 2013
Hire Boat Safety Review 16th August 2013
IWA Unveils 2014 Calendar 16th August 2013
Access to Bow Back Loop – Update 16th August 2013
IWA Middlesex Branch Objects to Unsympathetic Refurbishment of Toll House 16th August 2013
IWA Responds to CRT Business Licence Consultation 9th August 2013
IWA Statement on CRT Visitor Moorings 5th August 2013
UK to Challenge European Commission Over Red Diesel 5th August 2013

WRG Volunteers Restore Historic Bridge on the Grand Union Canal 5th August 2013

IWA “WOW”s Watford Parents 5th August 2013
WRG Trains Volunteers of the Future at Waterways Festival 5th August 2013
IWA Chiltern Branch Gives Donations to Canal & River Trust 5th August 2013
HS2- Another Consultation 5th August 2013
National Waterways Festival 2013 - Award Winners 5th August 2013
IWA Chiltern Branch Balsam Bash at Marsworth 5th August 2013
IWA National Festival Opened with Campaigning Speech 19th July 2013
IWA Disappointed at Missed Opportunity to Transfer Environment Agency Navigations 17th July 2013
Volunteers to Help Restore Lady Capel’s Bridge on the Grand Union Canal 17th July 2013
Red Diesel and European Legal Action 17th July 2013
Selly Oak Update 17th July 2013
IWA Guildford & Reading Branch Donation will Boost Canal Restoration and Flood Alleviation in Bramley 17th July 2013
Cheshire Locks Work Party 17th July 2013
Swansea Canal Himalayan Balsam Bash 17th July 2013
Pocklington Canal Balsam Bash 17th July 2013
IWA Northampton Branch’s First Work Party on Adopted Canal Stretch 17th July 2013
Ford Employees Help at IWA Work Party on the River Lee Navigation 17th July 2013
IWA Birmingham, Black Country & Worcestershire Branch – Himalayan Balsam Work Party 17th July 2013
IWA Manchester Branch Report on Lime Mortaring 17th July 2013
The Future of the Environment Agency's Navigations 3rd July 2013
Volunteers in Action – Start of Waterway Recovery Groups Summer Canal Camps 3rd July 2013
IWA Chester & Merseyside River Mersey Campaign Convoys 3rd July 2013
Improvements to Caldon Canal Towpath at Cheddleton 3rd July 2013
IWA North Staffs & South Cheshire Branch – Himalayan Balsam Work Party 3rd July 2013
Rugeley Community Work Party 3rd July 2013
IWA Manchester Branch Towpath Taskforce 3rd July 2013
IWA Lee & Stort Branch Work Party 3rd July 2013
IWA West Riding Branch, Evening Work Party in Leeds 3rd July 2013
London Canal Museum to Showcase Rare Towpath Tractor at The Waterways Festival 2013 24th June 2013 
Official Launch for IWA National Festival 18th June 2013
HS2 Rail Project 18th June 2013
IWA Consultation on HS2 Phase 1 Draft Environmental Statement 18th June 2013
IWA National Festival Launches Craft Workshops 18th June 2013
WRG Launches Training Grant for Volunteers 18th June 2013
IWA Issues Advice on Himalayan Balsam 18th June 2013
River Severn – Upton Moorings 18th June 2013
Activities at Wheelock Wharf 18th June 2013
Circumnavigation of Wales in an Inflatable Boat 18th June 2013
Severn Navigation Presentation to IWA18th june 2013
Caldon Canal Work Party 18th June 2013
Paddington Arm Clean-Up 18th June 2013
Cheshire Locks Work Party 18th June 2013
Lapworth Work Parties 18th June 2013
IWA Branch Recognition at Awards 4th June 2013
HS2 Consultations Announced 4th June 2013
IWA North West and North Wales Region Award 4th June 2013
IWA North Riding Branch Open Day 4th June 2013
Canal Work Party in Warwick 4th June 2012
Salterhebble Work Party 4th June 2013
Devon to host 2014 IWA National Trailboat Festival 31st May 2013
IWA National Trailboat Festival 2013 31st May 2013
HS2 Parliamentary Process Update 16th May 2013
Boaters Rally to the Lapal Canal Project 16th May 2013
Himalayan Balsam Season 16th May 2013
Boat Engines Survey – Research on Emissions 16th May 2013
A Vision for Chester’s Waterways 16th May 2013
Clive Henderson Portrait Painting 16th May 2013
Caldon Canal Work Parties 16th May 2013
IWA Manchester Branch Clean up 16th May 2013
IWA Avon & Wiltshire Branch Clean Up 16th May 2013
IWA's Canalway Cavalcade Attracts Thousands 9th May 2013
IWA Branches in Renaissance Awards Finals 2nd May 2013
Tickets Now On Sale For The Waterways Festival 2nd May 2013
Thames Tideway Tunnel Order 2nd May 2013
Lapal Rally at Selly Oak 23rd April 2013
IWA Calendar Competition Results 16th April 2013
IWA Co-ordinates HS2 Campaign 16th April 2013
IWA Lobbies to Save Lapal Canal Restoration 16th April 2013
Canalside Wind Turbine Blown Away on Appeal 16th April 2013
Volunteers Help Clean up the Stourbridge Canal 16th April 2013
Cold weather Doesn't Stop WRG Restoring Canals! 16th April 2013
Summer Volunteering with WRG 16th April 2013
IWA North Lancs & Cumbria Branch Clean Up 16th April 2013
IWA South Yorkshire & Dukeries Branch Clean Up 16th April 2013
IWA Lichfield Branch Footpath Renovation 16th April 2013
Cheshire Locks Work Party 16th April 2013
Caldon Canal Work Party 16th April 2013
HS2 Update 3rd April 2013
£1,000 Award to IWA Milton Keynes Branch 3rd April 2013
Maureen Shaw Panel Unveiling 3rd April 2013
Boat Safety Scheme Certificates 3rd April 2013
Lottery Grant for Oxford Canal 3rd April 2013
IWA Northampton Branch to Adopt Canal Arm 15th March 2013
Planning Protections for Waterways Update 15th March 2013
IWA Manchester Branch Work Party 15th March 2013
IWA Lichfield Branch Path Widening Work Party 15th March 2013
WRG Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation Towpath 1st March 2013
St Augustine's Field Work Party 1st March 2013
Cleaning up the Soho Loop 1st March 2013
Caldon Canal Work Party 1st March 2013
Cheshire Locks Work Party 1st March 2013
South East Visitor Mooring Consultation 18th February 2013
National Planning Policy Framework 15th February 2013
Boats Return to the Lapal Canal 15th February 2013
IWA Warwickshire Branch at Leamington Spa 15th February 2013
An Open Letter From IWA National Chairman 5th February 2013
HS2 Route Canal Crossing Points 5th February 2013
IWA Lobby Lords over Growth and Infrastructure Bill 5th February 2013
APPWG Waterway Partnerships Enquiry Update 5th February 2013
The Water Framework Directive 5th February 2013
Waterway Recovery Group Spring Canal Camps 5th February 2013
APPWG Waterway Partnerships Inquiry 28th January 2013
APPWG Update 16th January 2013
IWA Encourages Recording of Volunteer Time 16th January 2013
Caldon Canal Work Party – 10th January 2013 16th January 2013
CRT Chief Exec Departure “Passing of an Era” 9th January 2013
IWA Launches Festival of London Waterways 7th January 2013
Boat Safety Scheme Carbon Monoxide Brochures 7th January 2013
IWA Chiltern Donates £1000 to Wendover Arm 7th January 2013
IWA Northampton Branch Iron Trunk Donation 7th January 2013
Chelmer & Blackwater Work Party 7th January 2013
Defra Review of the EA and Natural England  18th December 2012
London Region Overstaying Boats Proposal 18th December 2012
IWA Chester and District Branch Appeal 18th December 2012
IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch at CRT Open Day 18th December 2012
IWA Manchester Towpath Taskforce 18th December 2012
WRG launches 2013 Canal Camps7th December 2012
King’s Norton Clean Up 7th December 2012
IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch at Cheshire Locks 7th December 2012
IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch on Caldon Canal 7th December 2012
IWA East Yorkshire Branch Hosts Mikron - 7th December 2012
IWA Welcomes Increase in CRT Dredging 27th November 2012
High Court Decision in Favour of CRT 19th November 2012
EA/CAM Conservators Reciprocal Agreement - 19th November 2012
IWA's South Yorkshire Branch Cleanup - 19th November 2012
IWA's Lichfield Branch Work Party - 19th November 2012
IWA's Manchester Branch Towpath Taskforce - 19th November 2012
Inland Waterways Advisory Council Reports - 19th November 2012
EU Directive Campaign Makes Good Progress - 14th November 2012
EU Amendment Threatens UK Boating - 1st November 2012
Getting Around the Trent & Mersey Breach - 1st November 2012
Grand Union Canal Clean-up - 1st November 2012
IWA Birmingham Branch Assist at Stourbridge - 1st November 2012
IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch Work Party - 1st November 2012
IWA MK Work with Dobbies Garden Centre - 1st November 2012
Les Etheridge IWA National Chairman 15th October 2012
WRG Progress on North Oxford Canal Bridges - 15th October 2012
IWA National Festival 2013 Announced - 15th October 2012
IWA Manchester Dukinfield Junction Clean Up - 15th October 2012
IWA Chiltern Branch Aylesbury Lock Painting - 15th October 2012
Olympic Park Waterways - Bow Back Rivers - 14th October 2012
IWA Restoration Assessment Schedule 5th October 2012
WRG Help Restore Bridges on North Oxford Canal 4th October 2012
Recognition for IWA Campaigners at AGM 2nd October 2012
IWA and CRT Sign Historic Agreement 28th September 2012
Survey Confirms IWA Campaign Priorities 24th September 2012
Waterways Strategy for Chester - 24th September 2012
Canal Corridor Chester to Ellesmere Port - 24th September 2012
Cheshire Locks Work Party - 24th September 2012
Work Party Taster Day – Dukinfield Junction 24th September 2012
IWA Re-states its Vision and Role 12th September 2012
Controversy over London Moorings 12th September 2012
IWA Milton Keynes Branch Adopt Fenny Lock 12th September 2012
Lichfield Canal Construction Progress 6th September 2012
IWA Warwickshire Branch Lock-Ransom 6th September 2012
IWA Birmingham Branch Clean Up 5th September 2012
IWA Calls For Action On 'Continuous Moorers'28th August 2012
Liverpool Link Limits 28th August 2012
IWA Stoke Branch Work Party 18th August 2012
IWA Birmingham Branch Assist with CRT Rebrand 16th August 2012
IWA Birmingham Branch Clean Up 12th August 2012
IWA Chiltern Branch Himalayan Balsam Work Party 7th August 2012
Work Party on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation 21st July 2012
Himalayan Balsam Bashing on the Caldon Canal 9th July 2012
Canal and River Trust gets Parliamentary Go Ahead 4th July 2012
IWA Stoke Branch - Cheshire Locks day 26th June 2012
Lancaster Canal Clean Up 25th June 2012
2013 IWA National Trailboat Festival 20th June 2012
Campaigners in Queen's Birthday Honour  18th June 2012
Chesterfield Canal Grant - 14th June 2012
Stroud on Water Festival 6th June 2012
Metal Thefts Affecting Waterways Groups 6th June 2012
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant 1st June 2012
IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch Clean Up at Etruria 1st June 2012
IWA Opens Campsite on Chelmer & Blackwater 1st June 2012
Have Your Say on Canalside Recycling 1st June 2012
Himalayan Balsam Alert 28th May 2012
Chelmer and Blackwater Stalwart to Retire 17th May 2012
IWA Talks to the EA About its Navigations 16th May 2012
Jubilee Celebrations at Canalway Cavalcade 10th May
BCN Clean Up at Walsall 5th May 2012
Red Diesel Update 4th April 2012
IWA Lichfield Branch Clean-Up 4th April 2012
IWA Milton Keynes Branch Clean-Up 4th April 2012
Commercial Road Olympic Lock Lobby Results 22nd March 2012
Canal & River Trust Council Election Results 13th March 2012
Fiona Bruce MP IWA Parliamentarian of the Year 29th February 2012
CRT Council Elections - IWA Fields Candidates 2nd February 2012
Minister announces increased funding for CRT 1st February 2012
APPWG Report On The Future Of The Waterways 19th January 2012
Canal & River Trust Delay 18th January 2012
HS2 Canal Bridge Plans Revised 18th January 2012
Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal 16th January 2012
Ribble Link Access Campaign 10th January 2012
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Waterway News

Grand Western Restoration Ahead of Schedule
17th September 2013
Port of London Authority Safety Bulletin
17th September 2013
Kennet & Avon Canal Consultation
17th September 2013
River Severn
17th September
MPs Ask Broads Authority to Review Management Style
17th September 2013
Nelson's Wharf on the Grand Union Canal at Stockton to be Reinstated
17th September 2013
Canal & River Trust Winter Stoppages
3rd September 2013
Work on Staveley Town Lock Requires Concrete
3rd September 2013
Carpenters Road Lock Funding
3rd September 2013
Maidenhead Waterways Update
3rd September 2013
DfT Announces a £10 million Towpath Improvements
16th August 2013
Google to Add Waterways to Street View
16th August 2013
The Environment Agency Launch Mooring Enforcement Trial on the River Thames
5th August 2013
Successful Trip For Navigation Rights Cruise
5th August 2013
Arrival of the Cromford Canal Trip Boat
5th August 2013
Canal & River Trust AGM
17th July 2013
Environment Agency Water Environment Consultation
17th July 2013
Cotswold Canals
17th July 2013
Grand Western Canal
17th July 2013
Boat Safety Scheme Issue Advice on Barbeques
17th July 2013
Access for all at the Chesterfield Canal Festival
17th July 2013
Bow Back Rivers Update
17th July 2013

Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Trip Boat 
17th July 2013

European Regional Development Funds
3rd July 2013
Boat Safety Scheme Warning on Portable Gas Equipment
3rd July 2013
Reedbeds Could Help Revive Polluted River Lea
3rd July 2013
Warwick Sensory Garden Opens to the Public
3rd July 2013
Scheme Launched to Tackle Crime on the Thames
18th June 2013
Waterway Partnerships – Annual Public Meetings 2013
18th June 2013
Oxford Canal Marina Plans Refused
4th June 2013
Viaduct Shipping Moves Unloading Operation
4th June 2013
Nine Year Old Navigates the Lee to Raise Money for Cody Dock Bridge
16th May 2013
Cromwell Lock Stoppage
16th May 2013
Farmer's Bridge Locks Plaque
16th May 2013
Canal & River Trust Appoints New Chief Executive
16th May 2013
Slough Arm Closed Until June
2nd May 2013
Kellogg Using Waterways Shipping for Cereal
2nd May 2013
Theft of Equipment Halts Lichfield Canal Restoration
26th April 2013
APPG Waterways Enquiry Report Published
23rd April 2013
Boaters to Safeguard Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
16th April 2013
Review of Renting Thames Lock Houses Extended
16th April 2013
New Grand Western Canal Visitors Centre Officially Opens
16th April 2013
Aylesbury Arm Lock Subsidence
3rd April 2013
Basingstoke Canal Reopened
3rd April 2013
Bow Back Rivers
3rd April 2013
Blisworth Tunnel Field Shelter
3rd April 2013
Boaters Fined for Navigating EA Waters Without Valid Registration
15th March 2013
Maritime and Coastguard Agency – Skippering of Workboats
15th March 2013
Thames Weir Repairs
15th March 2013
Droitwich Canal Update
1st March 2013
Rivers Test & Itchen Restoration Strategy
1st March 2013
Bow Creek - Regulation of Navigation
1st March 2013
Chemical Company Prosecuted for Pollution of Nene
1st March 2013
Thames Tideway Tunnel
1st March 2013
Basingstoke Canal to Reopen
15th February 2013
Recent Floods
15th February 2013
Conservation Project at Tardebigge Lime Kilns
15th February 2013
Cambridge City Council Moorings Consultation
15th February 2013
Wey & Arun Canal Trust Launches Gennets Bridge Lock Appeal
5th February 2013
Wendover Arm Trust Appoints New Chairman
5th February 2013
Canal & River Trust Launch South East Visitor Mooring Consultation
25th January 2013
Devon County Council pledges £3m to repair Grand Western Canal
16th January 2013
£3m heritage centre at Dudley Canal is approved
16th January 2013
Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Gets Formal Planning Permission
16th January 2013
Trent & Mersey Canal Breach Update
16th January 2013
Canal & River Trust Chief Executive to Step Down in May 2013
9th January 2013
River Cam Boat Owner Fined
7th January 2013
London Towpath Alternatives Proposed for Commuter Cyclists
7th January 2013
Boat Fire Safety Checks in Warwickshire
7th December 2012
EA Provides River Thames Conditions Advice for Boaters
7th December 2012
Canal & River Trust Financial Planning
19th November 2012
EA Navigation Charges 2013
19th November 2012
Environment Agency Strong Stream Advice
19th November 2012
Moving Closer for Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway
19th November 2012
Measham Wharf Plans Link With Ashby Canal
19th November 2012
CRT Licence Fees: 2013 and Beyond
1st November 2012
Max Sinclair Wins English Heritage Angel Award
1st November 2012
Ashby Canal Restoration
1st November 2012
Aylesbury Canal Society Relocation
1st November 2012
Port of London Authority Byelaws
1st November 2012
101 - The Police Non-Emergency Number
1st November 2012
Trent & Mersey Canal Breach Update
15th October 2012
CRT Waterway Maintenance Plans
4th October 2012
PLA Safety Bulletin for Narrowboats on Thames
3rd October 2012
Trent & Mersey Canal Breach
2nd October 2012
First boat on new section of the Wey & Arun Canal in Surrey since 1871
5th September 2012
Environment Agency PlantTracker App
12th September 2012
Locomotive Plates Raise £16,000 for Canals
11th September 2012
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