Scheme Launched to Generate More Green Space For Our Towns and Cities

Issue date: 21 October 2011

Environment Minister Richard Benyon has announced a new scheme to generate more green space in England’s towns and cities.
The Green Infrastructure Partnership has been designed to help communities make more innovative use of existing grey infrastructure – such as creating rooftop gardens, small community gardens or living walls.
A recent study of over 350,000 people found that people who lived near to green space lived longer and health inequalities were significantly reduced.
The Natural Environment White Paper is therefore committed to enhancing green infrastructure and improving communities’ health, quality of life and resilience to climate change.
The Partnership, which is being launched as part of the first White Paper on the Natural Environment in 20 years, will initially run for up to two years. Their general aims will be to:

  • look at the condition of green infrastructure across England and how it meets communities’ needs;
  • investigate the scope for improvements, and look at the barriers to green infrastructure in existing areas to meet future challenges such as climate change;
  • consider how local communities, planners and decision-makers can best be supported in designing and developing green infrastructure;
  • demonstrate the social, economic and environmental benefits that well designed green infrastructure can provide; and
  • help people to quantify the costs and benefits of investing in green infrastructure and make the case for new projects.

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