Arrival of the Cromford Canal Trip Boat

Issue date: 5th August 2013

The Friends of the Cromford Canal new trip boat arrived at Cromford Wharf by large low-loader on Saturday 27th July.  The Friends have held a fund raising campaign to purchase and refurbish a traditional canal narrowboat “Birdswood”, which was built in 1938 and will fit in well with the historical heritage area around the canal and mills.

The boat has been moored at Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire, undergoing a total repaint in Cromford livery and has been re-engineered from diesel power to electric due to wildlife sensitivities at its new base at the northern end of the Cromford Canal.

Once the crews have been trained and the required licences obtained, trips will be available on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from Cromford Wharf to High Peak Junction and back. Passenger services should start in late August or early September. It is the Friends’ intention to operate the trip boat “Birdswood” not only to take tourists but also to provide an educational resource for schools.