Boat Safety Scheme Suggests a New Year’s Resolution to Keep

news_narrowboat_fire120pxIssue date: 23rd December 2011

There has been eight accidental boat fires reported already this December. Boat Safety Scheme’s suggestion to all boaters for a New Year’s resolution is, have a fire emergency plan.

Boaters need their fire emergency plans to be second-nature too, so if fire hits their boat, they too live to tell the tale.

The main tips include the following:

  • Know your location so you can tell the emergency services where you are if needed
  • Fire extinguishers should be easy grab and on your escape routes
  • Know how to use any type of extinguishers on the boat
  • Know your escape route and check it is clear before going to bed
  • When aboard, all locks, catches, or bolts for doors and hatches should be operable from inside the boat
  • Have all keys to hand
  • Keep a working torch easily available to help you escape at night

For more information please see the Boat Safety Scheme website