Boat Safety Scheme Issue Advice

Issue date: 14th June 2012

BSS has issued the following advice as summer boating gets underway.

Carrying petrol on board: Don’t carry spare petrol on board unless it is completely unavoidable, but if it has to be done, every measure should be taken to reduce the chance of an accident. This advice from the BSS follows the death of two men in boat fire this April. Early indications are that a petrol container stowed in the aft cockpit of the cabin cruiser may have added to the intensity of the fire and may have made it more difficult for the new boaters to escape.

Barbeques on board a boat: Never use a barbecue on board a boat. Take it ashore and enjoy it safely. The twin risks of fire and carbon monoxide are ever present and boaters should not ignore the threat.

APRAGAZ certification mark: BSS has added an APRAGAZ certification mark to the list of accepted certification marks that portable fire extinguishers must to show to be compliant with the BSS requirements. However, it is easy to confuse the newly accepted mark with other APRAGAZ marks that do not indicate the extinguisher has met the standard. Boat owners should read this information carefully.