Cambridge City Council Moorings Consultation

Issue date: 15th February 2013

Cambridge ‘Riverside’ is at present a mooring place for several boats, many but not all residential. The owners of these boats have no legal right to moor in this area, and the Council has received complaints about nuisance caused to other residents and obstruction to other river users, not least because the river becomes narrow at this point.

Cambridge City Council has launched a consultation with six potential options.


  1. Permit mooring at Riverside and integrate the area into their mooring policy
  2. Permit mooring only at points on Riverside where river width is at its greatest, and integrate these areas into their mooring policy while prohibiting mooring elsewhere on Riverside
  3. Ban mooring at Riverside altogether, but provide licences for mooring within their mooring policy for those boats that qualify
  4. Ban mooring at Riverside completely and give moorers notice to vacate their moorings
  5. Designate Riverside as an area for visitor moorings, and provide limited mooring facilities there, but do not permit residential mooring on this section of the river
  6. Do nothing, other than removing derelict and un-river worthy craft

The consultation closes on 15 March 2013.

For more information please see the Cambridge City Council website