Canal & River Trust AGM

Issue date: 17th July 2013

Canal & River Trust held its Annual General Meeting on 9th July at the National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port, was opened by Tony Hales (CRT chairman) and Vince Moran (CRT Operations Director) with a selection of key points. These included CRT’s disappointment with the postponement of the transferral of EA managed waterways to CRT, the success CRT are having with increasing their involvement of volunteers on the waterways and a financial summary from their operations team. 

Following this opening and a question and answer session, attendees separated into workshops. The workshops covered Waterways Partnerships, Restoration, Maintenance (and Climate Change), Waterways Art and Wildlife. The attendees were given the chance to discuss issues relating to the subject of the workshop and invited to share their suggestions on how challenges could be overcome. 

The AGM provided the opportunity for IWA branch and committee members present to be introduced to CRT’s new Chief Executive, Richard Parry (pictured above, centre, with Peter Bolt, IWA Chester & Merseyside Branch member, left, and Alan Platt, IWA Deputy National Chairman, right. Despite being new to the job and facing a busy day, Richard Parry took the time to discuss a variety of issues with IWA officers and other visitors present. 

A full report of CRT’s AGM and their accounts is available from CRT's website.