Cotswold Canals

Issue date: 17th July 2013

Over the past few years there has been much talk and speculation about the possibility of Thames Water moving water supplies from the river Severn catchment to the Thames catchment via the Cotswold Canals.  This has now taken a step forward as the company has opened its draft 2014 Water Resource Management Plan for public consultation. The plan itself is a complex document that can be found on the Thames Water website but Cotswold Canals Trust has published a simple summary of the water transfer elements.

The Trust is encouraging supporters that the more people who submit comments supporting the use of the canal as a water transfer option, then the greater the likelihood of the scheme being taken forward.  The Trust believes that a water transfer using the canals could be the quickest route to full restoration.  The consultation process is open until Tuesday 23rd July. The easiest way to submit comments is by email to both and  Just something along the lines of "I think it's an excellent idea to consider transferring water from the Severn catchment to the London area and Thames catchment using the existing route of the Cotswold Canals" would be suitable - but say it in your own words!