Environment Agency Strong Stream Advice

19th November 2012

Boaters have been urged to take notice of the Environment Agency's Strong Stream Advice, which are issued whenever flows reach a level that could be hazardous to boaters on its navigations.

A narrow boat partially sunk on the Rive Nene at Ditchford in early November after taking to the river following heavy rain.  The Environment Agency says that it had issued warnings about strong streams, but the boat owner claims that they were unaware of them. Two people were on the boat when it became lodged at a sluice gate. They were able to get off safely and were not injured.  The vessel was later raised by River Canal Rescue with support from the Agency once river levels had receded.

The Rivers Great Ouse and Nene are unique in East Anglia because EA ‘reverses’ the locks during flood events and at times of high flows. The Strong Stream Advice system advises river users when locks are ‘reversed’ and EA strongly advises against attempting to navigate.

When Strong Stream Advice is in force, red flags, signs and warning lights at various lock sites are activated.

EA will call those that have signed up to the scheme, free of charge, using an automated service,  to advise when Strong Stream Advice has been issued or cancelled. Text and email facilities are also available.

If you would like to sign up to receive this free service for either the River Great Ouse, River Nene or River Ancholme please contact EA on 01522 785943. Further information can be obtained by telephoning EA's Floodline Information Service on 0845 988 1188.

More information can be found on EA's website