Heritage Lottery Fund backs next stage in restoration of the Grantham Canal

Issue date: 7 July 2011

The Heritage Lottery Fund has approved a development grant to the Grantham Canal Partnership of £48,000- a grant that could lead to a £750,000 investment in the next stage of the 33-mile long restoration project.

Part of the project aims to capture local people’s memories, photographs and stories about the heritage of the canal.

This first award will allow the Partnership to prepare a detailed application for an innovative programme of works on the canal with a focus on heritage skill training. The eventual overall project value could be approximately £750,000 - with £400,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There are two key themes to the project; the establishment of a heritage skills training base at Woolsthorpe near Grantham, where the focus will be on lock restoration, in addition the project will provide interpretation panels and signage alongside the canal.

13 of the 18 locks on the Grantham Canal are in various stages of dereliction. This initiative will fully restore two of those locks - to extend the navigable length of canal at Woolsthorpe and provide volunteers with the skills to tackle other locks along the canal and on other canals elsewhere. The training programme will be part of a national training initiative being developed by the Inland Waterways Association.

The interpretation part of the project will work with local communities (in particular their schools and the elderly) to unlock old photographs, stories and to identify heritage that has been lost. The information resourced will then be available for all, on new interpretation canalside panels.