List of Jubilee Pageant Boats Published Online

Issue date: 19th January 2012

The major details of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant have been revealed.

The event will be the largest flotilla to be assembled on the river for at least 350 years, and is one of the major celebrations of the Queen’s sixty year reign. The pageant will take place on Sunday 3rd June - on the river from Putney to Tower Bridge.

The flotilla itself will be over seven miles long and will include some 25 miles of Thames river bank and pass under 14 bridges. It will take 90 minutes to pass any given point.
The List of pageant boats has been published and includes the following leisure boats:

Recreational Motorboat Squadron - the sixty boats included in this squadron illustrate the types of boats used to cruise inland, in tidal and coastal waters and further afield to Europe. Absolute Zero (TMYC), Agnes J (Gravesend SC), Annie, Arundel Girl, Barbara, Barbarina K (ATYC), Breezing In (TMYC), Canary Wharf 4, Conway Star (TMYC), Dandy Regent (ATYC), Dorset Dunlin (Thames Vintage BC), Eagle Dream (SSAFA Forces Help), Elaina, Elsie Alice (RYA Thames Valley), Emily E (LL South Yorkshire), Happy Hours (Harleyford MYC), Hertford, Hestia (UTMYC), Hola Guapa, Humming Bird (HYC), Jolly Rotter II (TMYC), Jubilata (Duchy of Lancaster), Knot Arf (TMYC), K-Ser-A (TMYC), Larnaca (Greenwich YC), Liberty (Hurlingham YC), Lighter Moments (Worshipful Company of Lightmongers), Lucy Lockett V (LL Oxfordshire), MV Gazelle (Watermen's Company), Mastercraft (Waterski & Wakeboard Club), Melodie, Mustard (Army Sailing Assn), My Harmony (Royal Air Force Sailing Assn), Omega V (NATC), Quackers Too (City Livery YC), Rosel (Richmond YC), Rubicon (Thames MYC), Scoop, Sea Symphony (Penton Hook YC), Siku Kuu (Dutch Boat Owners Club), Spirit of Avalon (Royal Naval Volunteer YC), Suero VII (LL Norfolk), TL Sea (Motor Boat Monthly), Thames Fueller (Worshipful Company of Fuellers), Thames Shipwright (Worshipful Company of Shipwrights), The Diplomat, Tigin na Mara (Worshipful Company of 7 Painter Stainers), TBA (LL Devon), Vixen (British Sub Aqua Club), Wally Goldsmith (Rutland Sailability), Warspite (London Nautical School), Wetwheels, Wight Spirit.

Narrow Boats - there are forty narrow boats in this group: Arthur Dent (St Pancras CC), Barely A-wake (Worshipful Company of Innholders), Beatty (LL Merseyside), Blackjack, Bream (National Historic Ships), Centenary (LL Warwickshire), Doris Katia (St Pancras CC), Dragonfly, (St Pancras CC), Fulbourne (CCBG ), Galatea V (St Pancras CC), Gort, Hazellnut (Byfleet BC), Helix (London CC), Ketura (St Pancras CC), Leo No 2 (Byfleet BC), Lord Toulouse (LL Worcestershire), Lotus No 10 (SPCC), Madam (RYA), Marie Celeste (LL Lancashire), Mey Be Knot, Morpheus (London Studio Orchestra), Mountbatten Crusader (St John Ambulance Northamptonshire), Mr David (Towpath Talk Newspaper), Oh Be Joyful (LL Cheshire), Orlando (Thames Scout CC), Pied Piper (Northampton and Wellingborough Sea Cadets), Pirate Prince, President (LL Staffordshire), Quercus (Inland Waterways Assn), Scholar Gypsy, Shropshire Lad (LL Shropshire), Southern Cross, Stort Challenger (Canal Boat Project), Swingbridge 2 (Surrey Care Trust), Tarporley (Camden Canals and Narrowboat Assocn), Waterscape (British Waterways)

Dutch Barges - with a few exceptions all twenty Dutch Barges provide homes to their owners here in the UK: Actief, Alberdina, Amethyst Atoll, Angell Hardy ll, Angelus, Grietje, Izambard, Lady Phantasie, Libertijn of Alphen, Maxime, Neeltje, Noelle, Pescalune, Petra, Sabrina of London, Sobriety, Sudersee, The Princess Matilda, The River Princess.

See a PDF of the full list on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant website