Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Gets Formal Planning Permission

Issue date: 16th January 2013

The scheme to transform 2.1km of Maidenhead's neglected town centre channels into a navigable waterway and town centre amenity now has formal planning permission.

With the project now formally approved, the dedicated Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group (MWRG) is moving on to start work on the next stage - the detailed design of every structure, footpath and metre of the enlarged channels - and is calling on the public to come forward with ideas.

The public showed strong support for the scheme - a key element of the Maidenhead Area Action Plan - during the planning consultation stages and more recently by voting for it in the Council's 2012 Local Budget (participatory budget) consultation. This support - 13% of the 838 votes cast for Maidenhead projects - resulted in a cash boost of £8,000, handed over to Richard Davenport, MWRG's chairman, by Cllr M J Saunders, cabinet member for planning, property and Maidenhead.

Anyone with suggestions or views about elements that should be considered for inclusion in the final detailed design of the waterways is asked to contact MWRG at