Max Sinclair Nominated for English Heritage Angel Awards

Issue date: 28th August

Max Sinclair has been nominated for the English Heritage Angel Awards for his contribution to the Droitwich Canals. Individuals and groups that have been nominated have been responsible for helping to rescue an historic building or site.

Abandoned in 1939, the Droitwich Canals comprise the Barge Canal, opened in 1771, and the Junction Canal opened in 1854. They were built to facilitate the salt trade, on which the wealth of Droitwich was founded.

By the 1970s, the Barge Canal was overgrown, silted up, dewatered in places and missing most of its operational parts. In the late 1960s one local man started to fight for restoration of the canals. Max Sinclair wrote letters and lobbied locally, culminating in the creation of the Droitwich Canals Trust in 1973.

The Droitwich Canals were opened in summer 2011 after 38 years of restoration. The canals form part of a navigable 27-mile ring passing through Worcester and Droitwich. Over 3,000 boats have used the canal and there has been a 30% increase in towpath users and 50% in visitors to the local tourist information centre.

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