Proposed mooring plan for Lee & Stort Navigations

Issue date: 30th August 2011

British Waterways has published an update following the public consultation on proposals to introduce a new moorings management plan for the River Lee, River Stort and the Hertford Union Canal. The plan was initiated by the need to manage the 40% increase in boat mooring in the area over the past four years.

Following feedback, British Waterways has decided to shelve its previous proposals in order to explore the potential of a new model for managing demand on the rivers.

The detail of the plan is to include the following:

  1. Setting up a social enterprise encouraging a much greater element of local management through, for example, adoption of a code of conduct and opportunities for contributions to planning and operation of boater facilities;
  2. Working with local councils to create much-needed new residential moorings, as has been given a welcome boost by the Housing Minister Grant Shapps;
  3. Introducing a new type of roving mooring permit to increase security for live-aboard boaters currently resident on the rivers without a home mooring;
  4. Investing income earned from roving mooring permits in improved facilities along the waterway;
  5. Provisions for ensuring space at visitor moorings and hotspots is kept available for leisure boaters;
  6. Keeping any future growth in boat numbers at a sustainable level.

The consultation closed on 31 May 2011. The documents constituting British Waterways’ formal response to the consultation can be found at: