Slough Arm Closed Until June

Issue date: 2nd May 2013

The Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal has had to be closed because of a footbridge was in imminent danger of collapse.

The footbridge is bridge 2(A), also known as Reeds Bridge. One of the brick-built sections that support the bridge moved and cracked, resulting in this entire abutment, the towpath and the waterway wall sinking by 1m and sliding into the canal.

The bridge is located between the M25 road crossing and the footbridge (no 1) from Little Britain.

Canal & River Trust has started carrying out emergency works and hopes to complete the repairs by 14th June 2013.

At present both the waterway and the towpath are closed and it is not possible to pass. The nearest access points to the towpath are bridge 3 Thorney Lane road bridge to the west, and bridge 1 Trout Lane footbridge to the east.
The emergency works are already underway and include: the diversion of electricity and communications cables (including an 11,000V high voltage electric cable); temporarily filling the canal with stone to prevent further movement and provide a safe platform for workers; the removal of the main body of the bridge; demolition of the towpath side abutment; removal of the waterway wall and towpath; and finally building a temporary towpath and reopening the navigation. Once these initial emergency works have been carried out, the Trust will investigate a permanent solution for the replacement of the bridge.

Please visit the Waterscape website for further information or call Canal & River Trust on 0303 040 4040.

View the flyer with photos put together by Friends of Slough Canal.