The Iron Trunk Aqueduct Waterways Project Reaches Finals

Issue date: 6 June 2011

The Iron Trunk Aqueduct waterways project has reached the finals in the Peoples Millions.

The Iron Trunk Aqueduct carrying the Grand Union Canal over the River Ouse near Cosgrove is 200 years old this year and British Waterways supported by local partners, including IWA, are seeking funding to give it a well deserved make-over. This will involve draining the aqueduct, cleaning and repainting it, and removing vegetation. Other initiatives involve a community recording project, the creation of a circular walk and use of the recording project as an educational resource for school activities. The voting happens by phone on 27th June, but a message of support can be left on the Peoples Millions website here.

The application is for £60k towards the project cost of around £300k, and every vote counts.