£40 Million Funding Gap for Government’s Flagship Big Society Project

IWA Press Release

Issue Date 16 September 2011

£40 Million Funding Gap for Government’s Flagship Big Society Project

The Inland Waterways Association, Britain’s foremost inland waterways charity, has issued a Political Briefing, for MPs and local politicians. This follows the recent publication of the Government’s response to the consultation on the proposals to move British Waterways in England and Wales from being a public corporation to a New Waterways Charity.

IWA believes that it is critical to the success of the New Waterway Charity for it to be properly funded from the outset and makes several practical suggestions on how to improve the funding package.

Speaking of the launch of IWA’s Political Briefing, Clive Henderson, IWA national chairman said:

 “Much has been said by IWA leading up to and during the consultation, of the need for the right level of funding for the New Waterway Charity. The All Party Parliamentary Waterways Group has also supported IWA’s concerns over insufficient funding, the consensus being that we are at least £40 million a year short. We are pleased that there now seems to be an acknowledgement from Government that this is still open for negotiation with the new trustees.

IWA has met with the New Waterway Charity interim trustees and has outlined our concerns to them. We will continue to make concerns known. We have also arranged meetings with key senior politicians, including the Waterways Minister, to ensure that our views on funding, expounded in the Political Briefing, are fully understood”.


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