First IWA Silver Propeller Challenge has been completed by Minimal List

The Inland Waterways Association’s Silver Propeller Challenge has been completed for the first time since its launch last year. The intrepid couple who were the first across the finish line were a husband and wife team, Michael and Jo Morehouse, who have been vlogging (video blogging) about their experiences via a YouTube channel and keeping fans updated on social media through their @nbminiallist accounts.

The Silver Propeller Challenge aims to encourage boaters to visit 20 or more lesser-explored waterways across the UK and it was with a visit to Standedge Tunnel that Micheal and Jo finally made it to their 20th location.

The couple have been boating the network since May 2017 and found out about the IWA Silver Propeller Challenge after its launch in early 2018. They realised they had already ticked off eight or nine of the destinations and made the decision to go for it and visit as many as they could. Their social media followers grew, with their YouTube channel now having over 10,800 subscribers and well over 1,000 on both Twitter and Instagram. It was this interaction that drove them forward as they knew they were encouraging other people to visit these rarely visited destinations.

As Michael says, “We appreciate the IWA’s cruise-it-or-lose-it ethos and wanted to highlight some of the gems of these out of the way places. There were some canals where there was no love lost, but others were definitely worth the struggle, including the Ashby Canal and the end of the Montgomery.”

More information about where Michael and Jo visited can be seen in the Winter 2019 issue of Waterways Magazine. If you are interested in listening to some of The Minimal List vlogs, these can be found on YouTube by searching Minimal List.


For further press information, please contact Jo Henderson, Media & Campaigns Officer, IWA. Email: / Phone: 07714 013827.

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