PRESS RELEASE: IWA Launches Winding Hole Specification

Issue date: 6th November 2014

As part of its current Winding Hole Campaign, The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) has today made available on its website a recommended specification for winding holes.

The document in its draft form has already been useful to one waterway restoration scheme, and the intention is that the paper will provide a source of technical information and advice for all those involved in restoring and managing waterways.
The specification is now available on the IWA website: Download winding holes specification (1.3MB PDF)

The launch of the document also serves as a reminder that there is just over a week to respond to the joint IWA and Historic Narrow Boat Club survey about winding holes.  There has been a good response so far, but the more replies that are received the more useful and accurate the resulting data will be.  All boaters are encouraged to report on winding holes in the areas they know, or have boated recently, in order to identify where winding holes have been lost (or the size of boat that can use them has been reduced) as a result of siltation, overhanging vegetation, prohibiting notices or chains, or permanently moored boats.
The information gathered through the results of this survey will allow a greater understanding of the geographical spread of any problems relating to winding holes, and will enable both organisations to lobby navigation authorities about these issues.  

The closing date for submitting responses is 14th November. Fill in the Winding Holes survey online.


For further media requests please contact:
Alison Smedley, The Inland Waterways Association
[e] [t] 07779 090915

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Download winding holes specification (1.3MB PDF)

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