PRESS RELEASE: IWA Publishes Annual Report and Accounts

Issue date: 25th July 2014

Another successful year of campaigning for the future of Britain's inland waterways has been demonstrated in the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31st December 2013, published today by The Inland Waterways Association (IWA).  

The Association has also published its Annual Review for 2013/14, a full copy of which is being posted to all IWA members.  Amongst the achievements highlighted for the year:

  • IWA has continued to campaign for Government to transfer the river navigations run by the Environment Agency to Canal & River Trust as soon as practicable subject to funding and acceptance by the Trust's trustees.

  • Whilst expressing no view on the merits or otherwise of HS2, IWA has campaigned hard to protect the inland waterways and will continue to do so.

  • The Association spent time lobbying against increases in costs well above the level of inflation for waterway users, most notably boaters.

  • The Association was significantly involved in pressing navigation authorities over key matters including facilities, dredging, moorings, licence and overstaying enforcement, maintenance and rights of navigation.

  • In 2013, IWA's Waterway Recovery Group organised and ran 23 week-long waterway restoration working holidays for volunteers of all ages throughout England and Wales during the year, as well as conducting 30 weekend work parties.

  • At a local level, IWA branches organised waterway clean ups, local events to raise awareness for the waterways and to raise funds for local and national waterway improvement and restoration schemes and provided labour towards restoration and maintenance of local waterway projects.

  • Volunteers substantially supported the work of the Association and its subsidiary companies with over 2,500 days worth of organisational, management and governance time, and a further 10,000 days direct labour to improve and restore the waterways during 2013.

  • In 2013, IWA's Essex Waterways Ltd continued to thrive as a navigation authority and continued improvements to the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation including new moorings and facilities for boaters, plus resurfacing 4.7km of  towpath along the 22km waterway.

Volunteers are involved in every aspect of IWA’s governance, campaigning and activities.  Without them IWA would simply not be able to work towards the greater use, further restoration and better maintenance of Britain’s inland waterways.

The Association wishes to record its grateful thanks for the unfailing support of its members, volunteers, waterway groups, corporate members and other bodies.

Download IWA's Annual Report and Accounts
Download IWA's 2013/14 Annual Review Summary (2.5MB) or read online


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